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Printing with AXIAR Green, paper saving software, delivers tangible cost savings and quantifiable environmental benefits. Controlling your print resources and saving paper with AXIAR gives you the opportunity to immediately decrease your impact on the environment and is an important step towards a green/sustainable office environment. AXIAR reduces your dependency on printed documents and paper-based business processes by intelligently creating and routing digital documents in the greenest way possible.

Green printing with AXIAR:

Conserves Paper - Limiting office paper waste is good. Limiting initial use is better than recycling, because it uses less energy. AXIAR Green, paper saving software, reduces your paper use

Conserves Power – Reduce your power consumption by reducing print volumes and/or schedule printing for off-peak times to save money and reduce electricity use.

Conserves Space – No need for space to store preprinted forms. In turn this saves power for heating and cooling that space.

Conserves Time – Less time spent supporting print-related errors and paper-intensive processes means more time for your employees to focus on core business needs.

Conserves Money - The Ultimate Green. A green office with AXIAR Green printing is not only good for the environment, but also good for the bottom line.

What is AXIAR? AXIAR is intelligent server-based print job routing and formatting software that automatically determines the optimal way to deliver print output. Paper saving and resource saving features include:

Convert Print to PDF: AXIAR can automatically create and store PDF documents for portable document delivery and viewing. This reduces user dependence on paper-based information delivery and encourages users to only print when absolutely necessary. Automatically Duplex Print: AXIAR can be configured to automatically duplex print output, reducing paper use by 50%. Automatically Distribute PDF: After using AXIAR to create PDF output, AXIAR can also automatically distribute digital documents to employees, customers and vendors. This eliminates the cost of transporting paper documents using fossil fuel-consuming trucks and airplanes as well as reducing the total amount of printed document. Green Print Routing: When printing is required, AXIAR can be configured to intelligently determine the most cost-efficient printer based on resource use. This ensures that the environmental effect of printing is kept to a minimum when information must be paper-based.

Cluster Printing: AXIAR can split large print jobs across multiple printers to reduce your dependency on outsourced printing and/or your dependency on large, high-speed devices. By harnessing the power of many smaller and more efficient printers, AXIAR reduces the use of fossil fuel-consuming truck or airplane delivery (by eliminating outsource printing) and reduces power and floor space consumption (by eliminating the need for large, high-speed printers).

Print Preview PDF: AXIAR can store print jobs digitally in PDF format for viewing online or selecting parts of a job for reprinting. This eliminates wasteful printing of large jobs printed to review small subsets of data contained in the documents (especially useful for digital report creation and distribution).

Draft Print Mode: Users can create an AXIAR virtual printer that automatically sets print quality to draft mode, reducing the amount of toner consumed with each print.

Digitally Archive Paper Documents: AXIAR can automatically create a digital image of any print job which eliminates the need to print first and then scan. This feature not only saves paper and power, but also increases employee productivity by eliminating the time taken to scan internally created documents.

Digital Forms: AXIAR enables laser form printing, which eliminates the need for pre-printed forms which are often reduced to scrap paper due to misalignment, form changes and physical damage to stored forms. Digitally creating and then printing forms with AXIAR on blank paper ensures proper alignment and eliminates the risk of obsolete forms.

Ensured Delivery: AXIAR tracks the delivery of print jobs and ensures that print requests are only sent to printers that are online and able to accept a print job. If a printer is busy, AXIAR can automatically redirect the print request to another available printer, eliminating the risk of a user submitting multiple print requests to multiple devices; users receive an email or Windows message if AXIAR re-routes a job.

Track, audit and secure output: AXIAR can be used to encourage responsible use of print resources by tracking employee use. In addition, AXIAR can generate statistics for auditing and secure print streams through encryption to ensure the proper use of print resources.

Off-Peak Printing: AXIAR can automatically schedule print jobs to run during off-peak times to reduce print load on the electrical grid. AXIAR's ensured delivery capabilities reduce the risk of print jobs not completing on time.

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