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Paper Saving Software Saves IT Time

AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, is server-based print queue management and output management software. AXIAR enables IT personnel to track and manage print queue, digital output and document management processes. AXIAR can reside on UNIX, Linux, Windows and AS/400 operating systems, empowering IT personnel to pick best-of-breed server infrastructure and deploy AXIAR on servers of their choice.

Highlights for IT personnel include (request the Technical White Paper, see Screen Shots):

  • Cross-Platform Print Queue Management
  • UNIX, Linux, AS/400 and Windows Native Software
  • Single Screen Overview of Network Printer Environment
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Back-Up Printers
  • Partial Range Printing
  • Error Detection and Adaptive Printing
  • Print Job Scheduling
  • Cluster Printing
  • Print Statistics and Metrics Collection
  • Intelligent Data Conversions (ASCII to PCL, PCL to PDF, others)
  • Laser Printed and PDF Forms
  • Cross-Platform, Local and Remote Printing Consolidation
  • Securing Documents and Print Resources
  • Printing Barcodes, MICR and Other Fonts Without Dedicated Printers
  • Automatically Creating Document Images for Storage and Retrieval
  • Routing Scanned or Drag-and-Drop Documents from External Sources
  • Securing Documents and Print Resources

Benefits to IT personnel include:

  • No more 'lost' print jobs
  • Fewer helpdesk calls
  • Less time spent troubleshooting printer-related errors
  • Print job delivery verification
  • Rapid form design
  • Fewer printers to support
  • Lower application customization costs
epa LBM Systems is a proud member of the EPA WasteWise community.
Contact us to learn more about the many ways AXIARGreen helps save paper and resources.
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