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Paper Saving Software Saves Resources

AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software, typically delivers paper, toner and labor cost savings between 30% and 60% by automatically applying print reduction processes to any print job and automatically routing digital content. For processes such as digitally converting and delivering batch reports, cost savings of 100% are achievable. LBM Systems has been supplying software since the early 1980s to corporate and government customers throughout the world. Using just a few of AXIAR Green's paper saving features in a typical 200 user environment can deliver savings of almost 9,000 pounds of paper per year.

Depending on how many print processes benefit from Paper Saving Software at your organization, a feature-by-feature cost savings breakdown is:

  • Automatically Enforcing Draft Print Mode = up to 30% toner cost savings
  • Automatically Printing Duplex = 50% paper cost savings on multipage jobs
  • Automatically Distributing Digital Documents = up to 100% toner and paper savings
  • Green Print Routing = up to 15% paper and toner cost savings
  • Automatically Converting Print to PDF or Other Image Formats = up to 100% paper and toner cost savings
  • Reduce Personal Printing = 10% paper and toner cost savings typical
  • Digital Forms = up to 85% savings by eliminating pre-printed forms
  • Ensured Delivery = up to 5% paper and toner savings
  • Digitally Archiving Paper Documents = up to 100% paper and toner cost savings
  • Off-peak scheduled printing, Cluster Printing, Print Preview PDF and many other features deliver even greater overall cost savings.

Implementing Paper Saving Software also delivers significant process improvments and labor savings well beyond the above rates; please contact us for more informaiton including how we saved one Government agency $40,000 a year with AXIAR Green, Paper Saving Software.


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